Bespoke Kitchens

Choosing bespoke kitchens is a big decision and can transform the value and presentation of a house.  With research showing that the kitchen is the room that makes the biggest difference to the value of your home, a stunning, well designed bespoke kitchen can be a good investment, as well as enhancing your enjoyment of your home.

Be totally unique
Alexander Bray bespoke kitchens are totally unique, we don't have a stock of designs, each kitchen is designed totally around you and the space you have, creating the maximum impact and giving you everything that you want out of a kitchen.  The images in the galleries below are examples of previous bespoke kitchens for clients but the range of possibilities is endless and it is our job to design and build the kitchen that will wow you and your visitors.
Quality that lasts
The quality of the kitchens are unsurpassed, all are handmade by professional and renowned cabinet makers.  They are all designed to be strong, functional, long lasting and breath-taking in their elegance.
Design not pressure
Our bespoke kitchen designers are there for you, and not to sell! When our customers see the honesty and passion in which we approach our work, they soon realise that there is no need to sell anything. By removing “selling” from the equation, customers quickly understand that the focus is on interpreting their requirements, their ways of life, their spaces, and to create an individual design that is unique to them. No two customers are the same! But that’s not it!
Designs to suit all budgets
The design of bespoke kitchens has to incorporate budget. It’s no good having a budget that we cannot design to or a design that is way over your budget. The two must go hand in hand. We therefore spend time at the outset understanding the budgetary constraints and offering advice accordingly to ensure the kitchen that you get meets all of your requirements.
The images below are a selection of recently complete kitchens and are just to see the quality of work, rather than templates for your bespoke kitchen.  If you would also like to see other work such as handmade and fitted furniture see the Gallery of Work page.

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