Handmade Furniture

Transform any room with beautiful handmade and fitted furniture

Quality handmade furniture and fitted units are also a specialty.  As you can see from the galleries below, these pieces are truly bespoke they can fit exactly to any space, taste or requirements. 

In a time when mass produced, low quality furniture is the norm, these pieces of furniture can transform a home.  This furniture can truly reflect your personality and tastes and will fit exactly into any space, making eye catching features to complete a room, as well as providing practical storage.

Our service includes designing the furniture with you, construction by fully trained professional cabinet makers and installation by polite, well mannered staff.  As usual good communication is the key to providing the best results and you will be involved in the process at every stage.

Please browse the galleries below of previously completed handmade furniture or of course look at the Gallery of Work page for all work undertaken.

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