Shaker kitchens

Shaker kitchens custom made for you by Alexander Bray, master kitchen cabinet maker.  Solid wood shaker kitchen cabinets, to complement any interior.  Each of our kitchens has a bespoke design to ensure you get exactly what you want. Quality shaker kitchens designed and handmade for you by master craftsmen give the most professional finish and luxury feel.

Shaker kitchens can be modern, traditional, bare wood, or painted to suit your style and can be finished with different colours, tones and contrasts to really bring your house to life.  In the design we will take care to capture the your tastes, character and style into every feature always talking through latest trends and materials to give you the finish, durability and wow factor.

The shaker kitchens below are just examples of work carried out for customers but each kitchen can be completely tailored to your needs and each is custom designed and handmade to ensure it fits your requirements.  For a gallery of all kitchens and handmade furniture visit our gallery of work.

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Shaker Kitchen

A solid oak shaker style custom made kitchen. Space was the issue in this design, with a small Victorian Townhouse in Camden, London, it is easy to see how the lack of space created mess in the before pictures and how the unique space creating design has transformed the space.

Handpainted shaker

A handpainted solid oak shaker style kitchen in Hertfordshire. As usual all handmade and uniquely designed for the client this kitchen captures a real country kitchen feel with an aga and full traditional fittings. Pictured here just after completion prior to the extra homely touches being added.